A.  Do you stain tile, if not why?

No, because ceramic tile has a baked finish that is nonporous.

B. Do you stain grout, if so how?

Yes, first we go in and clean the grout to remove any dirt, and then apply the grout dye with sealer to the grout lines by hand to ensure an even color. The grout dye has a permanent sealer in it.

C. What kind of sealers do you use?

There are many different sealers for different applications.

1. For marble, granite, limestone, onyx and other natural stones we use a penetrating sealer so that the stone can breathe. This is not a coating, but a sealer that soaks into the stone.

2. For Mexican tile and slate, we use high gloss Mexican sealer made especially for this application. This is a coating to protect
the tile.  We usually will coat with 4-6 coats of sealer to give the
best protections.

D. Should I seal my counters?

Yes, it does not matter if it is granite, marble or any other natural stone.  A sealer helps preserve the counter/vanity top to ensure years of enjoyment. Sealing helps slow down spills that can etch the stone.


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